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Our resident satisfaction scores are outstanding.
But numbers don’t really tell the story:

Want candid answers to tough questions about how Crestwood Manor compares to other New Jersey retirement communities? Ask our residents. They offer their reflections here, but when you visit us, you can meet them. They’re warm, fascinating people—and they’re not shy about offering frank opinions. For an honest look at our community, look no further.

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“We fell in love with Crestwood Manor.
There’s so much here, all under one roof.”

Rosie and I knew we’d move to Crestwood Manor … someday. We were on the waiting list, visited often and we felt very comfortable. Our original plan was to move in five years. But when we fell in love with an apartment here, we made up our minds to move right...Read More

- Rosie and Raymond Smallberger, residents since 2011

“As a retired banker, I’m not about to take risks with my future. Crestwood Manor’s strength and stability were important to me.”

I’m a person who always thinks ahead to the future. Service to my country, marriage, family — I like to have a plan for what comes next. It’s no different with retirement. In fact, it’s more important than ever to have a solid plan...Read More

- Harold Weber, resident since 2011

“They offered the lowest fees of all the communities that we researched.”

You may be like me; I lived in an active adult community, Leisure Village West, for some years before I moved to Crestwood Manor. My husband Charles and I were very active within the community and we enjoyed the many clubs and activities. We actually started looking at full-service retirement communities a few years...Read More

- Terry Hughes, resident since 2005
President of the Crestwood Manor Residents Association

“The food here compares favorably to any well-known restaurant.”

“But you’re both so young and active! How can you leave your beautiful home?”

We could go on and on about the comments we heard from our friends when we told them we were planning to come. Instead, we’d like to share with you the reasons why we did. Our friends were right: We are in good health....Read More

- Frank and Millie Rieder, residents since 2010

“We wanted to move while we were young and healthy enough to make our own choices about our future.”

Some people like to wait and see where life takes them, but Bob and I are planners. Even though we were doing fine in our home in Manahawkin, we wanted to start looking at retirement choices sooner rather than later. We wanted to be young and...Read More

- Bob & Cynthia Ramsay, residents since 2010

“Every day is an adventure. I’m learning so much.”

When I moved to Crestwood Manor from my home in Leisure Village West, my friends said “You’re leaving all your memories behind.” I told them no, I have a lot of wonderful memories and every one of them is coming with me.

I’ve been living here for a little more than a year now. My friends tell me...Read More

- Sandy Jacobs, resident since 2010