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Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community the Right Place?

When it comes to retirement and senior living in Ocean County, NJ, Crestwood Manor can help family members understand the choices

You want your parents to enjoy life fully, not just now but in the years to come. You envision them with lots to do every day, plenty of chances to be with friends, great dining, learning opportunities and more. To complete the picture, how about a life that is easier and more convenient, without the chores and worries that go along with maintaining a house?

Is this the sort of future you are imagining for your parents? If so, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs.

CCRCs offer attractive housing together with a coordinated array of services and amenities to address comfort, wellness and changing health needs. These communities also provide a continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing all at one site.

CCRCs support a life that is healthy and fulfilling. They offer a friendly, sociable atmosphere as well as cultural and educational events. Many CCRCs have indoor pools and fitness centers as well as walking clubs, golf memberships and other ways to maintain health and vitality.

People who live in CCRCs are overwhelmingly positive about their communities and their lives. When Aramark Senior Living Services surveyed a cross-section of CCRC residents across the country, 96% said they would choose to move to a CCRC given the chance to do it over again.

To learn more about what CCRCs can offer and how they differ from assisted living and skilled nursing communities, click here.  

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