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Crestwood Manor Senior Living in Whiting, NJ:
A member of the Springpoint family of senior living communities.

You get a lot more without paying a lot more at our continuing care retirement community. It just makes sense.

If you’re going to move from your house to a senior living community, why not get more out of it? Explore senior living in Whiting, NJ at Crestwood Manor. It’s not only beautiful. You can get a whole lot more comfort, ease and sheer enjoyment for the money you’re spending at home right now—without the home upkeep and the worries about healthcare. When you’re making a decision about your future, you’ll appreciate the common-sense approach we take—and everything our continuing care retirement community has to offer.

Check out the apartments: Lots of sun, lots of space—even screened-in porches and patios. Residents say the food is fabulous too. Relax: Let our Executive Chef do the cooking. You’ll also find that we give you one of the most extensive choices of financial options around, so you can make plans that fit your budget. And, our continuing care retirement community offers on-site healthcare with the highest rating in the area. Doesn’t it make sense to plan for your care in advance and take the burden off you – and your family?

You take a logical, careful approach when making big decisions. That’s why Crestwood Manor is a great fit. We give you all the facts and figures you need to make an informed decision. Sure, it’s a big step, after all those years in your house. But maybe it’s just common sense to let go of the worries and hassles. Why not look into it? Visit our superb continuing care retirement community in Whiting, NJ, or click here for our Community Brochure.

“As a retired banker, I’m not about to take risks with my future. Crestwood Manor’s strength and stability were important to me.”
— Harold Weber, resident since 2011
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