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The lifestyle here is better than great,
it’s common-sense great.

There’s no better place to stay active:
Crestwood Manor in Whiting, NJ.

In Whiting, NJ, life gets livelier. The lifestyle at Crestwood Manor? Where to begin? It starts where a typical “active adult community” leaves off! How about mornings at the Collonade Café with the paper and coffee? Or maybe an invigorating swim in the sparkling pool? Take a pleasant early day stroll around our 43 acres, bursting with mountain laurel – it’s like your very own park right in southern New Jersey. Of course at Crestwood Manor, what you do to stay active is up to you. Thanks to our LivWell program, you’ll get plenty of help identifying your strengths and skills—and matching your passions and interests with activities that make the most of them. From music to woodworking, it’s all here. It just makes common sense that by being happy with your lifestyle you’ll be well and stay well.

Think you might not have enough to do in a retirement community? Think again. Our residents say there are days they don’t know what to do first. (Of course, at Crestwood Manor, your “to do” list does not include keeping house, mowing the lawn and writing checks for a pile of bills.) Ask our residents yourself. You might find them in the library around 3:30, making plans for the evening; someone might even be serenading them on the baby grand. There’s so much going on, we need a special channel on our in-house TV station to keep everyone up on the day’s events. At Crestwood Manor life is as full as you want it to be, with everything right here to fulfill you.

Visit us in Whiting, NJ and see how active an adult community can really be!

“One of the advantages at Crestwood Manor is that they have all sorts of programs that are enjoyable and exercise classes, and that makes sense.” -John Maffei, resident since 2014 Read more

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