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Our residents share their common sense.

They looked at New Jersey retirement communities.
They chose Crestwood Manor. Here’s why.

Want candid answers to tough questions about how Crestwood Manor compares to other New Jersey retirement communities? Ask our residents. Read what they say here, and when you visit us, you can meet them. They’re warm, fascinating people—and they’re not shy about offering frank opinions.

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  • "I was immediately impressed with how friendly and well-established it seemed. The move itself with the help of Springpoint was wonderful." (Click to read more.)


    I had visited several other retirement communities, but when I walked into Crestwood Manor, I was immediately impressed with how friendly and well-established it seemed, both important qualities. My husband and I and other family members came back a few times. We reviewed the financial commitment and found it to be reasonable. The move itself, with the help of Springpoint representatives, was wonderful.

    A lifelong artist, I’m delighted to meet with a small group of serious painters at Crestwood Manor. My husband Ed and I appreciate that there is a dedicated LivWell program here. We've lived well for many years, watching our diet and exercising; we also meditate together. We’ve recently begun offering a meditation workshop here for residents. I am a certified chair yoga instructor and I'm pleased to have a core group of people attend my weekly chair yoga sessions, something I offer as a gift to the community. We are so delighted with the openness to new ideas we have found at Crestwood Manor, and the willingness to have new residents share their talents and interests with everyone. -Karen Bokert, resident since 2016

  • "I love it! I love every part of it!" (Click to read more.)


    Before moving to Crestwood Manor, I lived on Green Island, near Toms River. I came to visit Crestwood with my friend, but I didn't have any intention of coming here. I was just keeping her company. When we came out to Crestwood a second time, my daughter came along and had a favorable impression. This sparked a family discussion and another visit to Crestwood for me and both my daughters. I put my house on the market and moved in late December 2015. Now that I have been at Crestwood for over a year, I love it! I love every part of it! I took a 15-meal plan because I like to cook—and that works perfectly. –Joyce Bolle, resident since 2015

  • "One of the advantages of Crestwood Manor is that they have all sorts of programs that are enjoyable." (Click to read more.)


    Where I lived was fine, but it was not suitable for growing old. I could have gone to a 55+ community, but it wouldn't have been that different. I looked at seven different communities and found Crestwood Manor to be the friendliest and most open. One of the advantages of Crestwood Manor is that they have all sorts of programs that are enjoyable and exercise classes—that makes sense. I keep busy, helping with various events, offering computer tech support, running the bingo computer, doing chair yoga and taking drawing lessons from a resident artist. -John Maffei, resident since 2014

  • "There's a great atmosphere here and we have a beautiful apartment. We have good relationships with our gang, we talk together, we eat together, it's wonderful." (Click to read more.)


    There's a great atmosphere here and we have a beautiful apartment. We know it's good to get out there and exercise, and we use the gym regularly and enjoy swimming in the pool.

    I am a retired banker and believe that people should educate themselves about their retirement living options before there's a problem and look to move to a place like Crestwood earlier so they can enjoy all the amenities and friendships.

    We have good relationships with our gang—we talk together, we eat together, it's wonderful. -Howard and Jean Bartelt

  • "Although it's hard to give up your home, once you do, you realize you don't need it." (Click to read more.)


    Although it's hard to give up your home, once you do, you realize you don't need it. We're enriched with friends from here and friends from our church who've joined us. We're very content here! -Frank and Millie Rieder, residents since 2010

  • "Springpoint management goes out of their way to be helpful. Overall, it's pretty close to perfect here." (Click to read more.)

    D Poulsen

    Springpoint was very helpful. They came in to my home before I moved and helped figure out what would fit furniture-wise. I had help with packing and donating things I didn't want to take with me. Even though my three kids were on hand for moving day, Springpoint workers helped with hanging curtain rods and pictures. Springpoint even provided a boxed lunch. Overall, Springpoint management goes out of their way to be helpful. It's pretty close to perfect here! -Dot Poulsen, resident since 2016

  • "There were so many things that we would put off because we had to get in the car to go" (Click to read more.)

    Poker Party

    We walk to everything here. We like the entertainment, parties, Texas Hold'em and karaoke. -Marty and Shawn Cseh

  • "For me alone was not where I wanted to be. Crestwood Manor is bringing me back to who I should be. Now I am making new memories!" (Click to read more.)

    Mrs Seiler

    My new neighbors are a lot of fun and a pleasure to be around. So many people here are just plain nice. Everyone says hello. You really can't meet a better bunch. Smiling is an everyday thing too; we laugh at stuff that seniors do and help one another when needed. We are a family here and care for each other-- that means so much. Always busy, I am certainly not alone. With so many programs, events and trips all of the time, you get to meet new people, be more active and learn new things.

    There is a real sense of security at Crestwood Manor. I know that I can always pick up the phone, no matter what, and help is here. The dedicated staff really goes above and beyond the call of duty. It is very comforting and reassuring for me and especially for my children. They know I am in a splendid community and that I am happy. It's been wonderful, everything is here. -Thomasina Seiler, resident since 2014

  • "Since I started my LivWell program," (Click to read more.)

    C Herr

    I feel stronger everyday and my back feels better too! –Carol Herr

  • "I'm impressed with the strong financial security - not found at other communities." (Click to read more.)


    "It’s a fact when you get bored you age faster. We’re never bored here. The LivWell Program is awesome." -Erwin Antlitz

  • "I wanted to paint but never had the opportunity." (Click to read more.)


    Then I met my neighbor and she taught me. Now we paint together. -Rose Molnar

  • "The financial options and the Lifecare benefit are the best." (Click to read more.)

    Dancing Piano Player

    -Constance and Donald Hetzel

  • "Whether I am water walking or swimming, the aerobics classes in the pool keep me healthy and strong." (Click to read more.)


    -Jean-Marie Menzer

  • “We wanted to move while we were young and healthy enough to make our own choices about our future.” (Click to read more.)

    Some people like to wait and see where life takes them, but Bob and I are planners. Even though we were doing fine in our home in Manahawkin, we wanted to start looking at retirement choices sooner rather than later. We wanted to be young and healthy enough to make good choices, and we wanted to be sure all our options were open to us.

    When my mother died, it reinforced our thoughts about planning for the future. She left behind a big home and a lifetime of possessions. My siblings and I moved into the house and worked for a month to get it cleared out, fixed up, painted and ready to be sold. After that experience, Bob and I knew we did not want to leave our children in a similar situation.

    One logical choice for us was an active adult community. But when we thought about it, we wondered: how long could we live there before we had to move again? We wanted to move just once, to a place where we would be happy and secure for the rest of our lives.

    For us, a CCRC made sense and Crestwood Manor really stood out. Crestwood is part of a large, statewide senior care organization that has been in business nearly 100 years. The security and stability were important to us.
    Now that we’re here, Bob and I have settled in and we feel secure for the future. And we’re having a great time too, making new friends and running into old ones. Our life is good and our future is solid. We’re glad we made the move.

    -Bob & Cynthia Ramsay, residents since 2010

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