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More for your money and proven stability.
It just makes sense.

Compare New Jersey retirement communities.
Crestwood Manor in Whiting is the standout for sheer value.

Crestwood Manor, Whiting, NJ is part of the Springpoint family of retirement communities. Springpoint Senior Living is a New Jersey based nonprofit senior living organization, taking care of people for over 100 years. Like all Springpoint communities, Crestwood Manor is accredited by CARF, an independent, national authority. Only 15% of retirement communities nationwide earn this honor—an exacting process that rates CCRCs by more than 1,000 different criteria, from healthcare to dining.

As a nonprofit community, we reinvest our earnings to benefit the community, not stockholders. We use those funds to enhance amenities and services, and to increase staffing and capabilities in important areas such as healthcare. Residents always come first. It’s part of the Springpoint mission.

Springpoint also gets consistently outstanding satisfaction ratings in resident surveys – and you’ll see why. With the beautiful apartments, and all the extra services and amenities included at Crestwood Manor, there’s plenty of value to be satisfied with. Take a tour: The people you’ll meet are happy and full of life.

Crestwood Manor is run the same way you would run your home, with a common sense, practical, well-managed approach. It could be a great fit. When you’re comparing retirement communities, why not come to Whiting NJ for a visit!

“For us, a CCRC made sense and Crestwood Manor really stood out. Crestwood is part of a large, statewide senior care organization that has been in business nearly 100 years. The security and stability were important to us. .”
- Bob & Cynthia Ramsay, residents since 2010 Read more.

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